Sunday, November 26, 2006

Self portrait profile study (detail) (acrylic on canvas)

This painting is a finished/unfished piece. More or less, its simply a study. This one was also done during the Sheridan Teacher strike. With the company of friends Yuta and Simon, and a week full of all nighters, we came up with some excellent work. Good job guys.

Baby Blue (oil on canvas)

This is is a study if a plaster mold casting of a baby doll head. I've used this casting in serval of my art pieces in the past (example: gerber). plaster casting are a great traditional means of developing your artistic skills. I'm sure I'll use this baby head in more studies to come.

eye and lip study

These were done during my first year of Illustration at Sheridan college during the strike. (acrylic on canvas)

The Seed

Soon to be a painting.

Black Cherry-Hunny Drips

This is another one of my fine art pieces. I love experimenting with realism and graphics. It makes for an interesting piece of art. I wanted to create an image which symbolizes sexual fantasies. Probably more affective in color. However, that could just be the challenge I need.

1/4 British Veternnarians say they have treated a drunk dog

This Illustration was done for my Interpretive class. Not exactly my style, but EXTREMELY fun to do. who knows, maybe this is my style...


Thank you for modeling for me Robyn, xoxo!

Little Caesars, How may I poisin you?!

This piece is from the summer of 2006 while I worked at Little Caesars pizzaria. Can you tell how I felt working there?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Painting of Female Nude Back

three hour in class painting.


This sketch was done during my first year.


This was done first year Illustration. I wanted to get a more personal feel for my appearance in a single self portrait. Gaining knowledge of one's self is important. Learn as much as you can about yourself.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


This piece is the symbol of the next generation. The kids who can't think for themselves, and suck from a teat of bloody wounds from peoples previous fears and hate.


This piece is dedicated to whomever walks the streets, and leans against a street corner to pay for her crack, and possibly the kids she has.