Thursday, December 10, 2009

Under Troubled Waters

This is my first fully rendered digital piece since the summer, when I worked on the stain-glass window designs for the musical Bare. 'Under Troubled Waters' illustrates the will and hard work it takes for a loving relationship to abide, and the challenges and pressure one may encounter when involved romantically with a "significant other". I decided that depicting a scene under water would best suit this idea, with the lack of oxygen (suffocation), and high pressure of deep waters, would push the concept further.
"Under Troubled Waters"
Graphite on stonehenge paper, & Digital, 9 x 12"

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Paradise Lost. Book ii. Line 146 (Lodestar)

This illustration is based on a the poet/author, and philosopher, John Milton's quote from the book Paradise Lost:

"For who would lose,
Though full of pain this intellectual being,
Those thoughts that wander through eternity,
To perish rather, swallow’d up and lost,
In the wide womb of uncreated night?"
-Paradise Lost. Book ii. Line 146.

His writings inspire deep contemplation and spiritual thought, which I have used as a conceptual "lodestar" (pun intended), in redefining my illustrations. Essentially, the quote defines the "Human Condition", as the human race toils and crawls to discover self-importance, and meaning in one's life!
(Original painting)
Acrylic on paper, 11 x 14"

"Paradise Lost. Book ii. Line 146 (Lodestar)"
Acrylic on paper and Digital, 11 x 14"