Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Yet Titled (Jack of Clubs)

My fellow graduated illustrators have invited me to participate in a show designing a deck of cards. Each and everyone of us received a specific face card, mine being the Jack of clubs, and eventually display them within a gallery. There has been talks of even having these cards published and printed into actual playing cards. Lets hope so!
Not Yet Titled (Jack of Clubs)
Ink and gold leaf on paper, 8 x 10"

Child's Play

Here is a new piece, derived from my map works, titled "Child's Play". I am simply exploring the designs and details used within my map work, on a more basic and iconic scale. Working with a fetal skull stencil, and the use of my own semen on the piece connects these two subjects within the realm of birth, life, and death.

"Child's Play"
Ink, Artist's semen, and glitter on paper, 9 x 12"