Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Battle of Evermore

This is part of the continuing youth culture series. 'The Battle of Evermore' depicts the pre-battle against the elder's who have continually disagreed with our new ways of life. Rather than following their example and ideals of traditional passage into adulthood (school, career, marry, procreate, etc.), we are figuring out a new and perhaps more suitable passage due to our current times. Next we shall see who is the victor.
"The Battle of Evermore"
Mixed Media on Paper, mounted on board, 20 x 16"

Portrait of the artist Terence Koh

I was given the task to paint the portrait of one of my favorite artists, Terence Koh. I believe he is one of the most influential and modern artists of our time. He works in all sorts of mediums of all shapes and sizes, from large installations made of his own bodily fluids covering drum sets, to edible canvases covered in sugar.

The challenge was to bring the viewer into his mind's world, without showing his art work. I wanted to work with the idea that an interviewer had quoted, "A face of an angel, but the mid of a sewer rat", and the concept of a led zeppelin (light versus darkness).

It was an honor to have seen this piece posted on Terence's website:, as a diary entree, with a poem. You can check it out at:
"Portrait of the artist Terence Koh"
Mixed media of paper, mounted on board, 12 x 16"


During the course the year, I wanted to work with very sensitive and mature subject matter. "Miscarriage" is an illustration which depicts the emotional aspects of a the feelings a women may have due to the loss her unborn child. It was tough for myself to imagine and even feel such a loss. Fortunately with the help of some of my close female friends, I hope I was able to to depict the heartache that occurs during such an unfortunate and emotion time a women may experience.
Mixed media on paper, 20 x 20"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spit Fire

This image is part of the new youth culture series I have been working on. This piece illustrates the cleansing of our former demons and mistakes of the elders before us, starting a new.
"Spit Fire"
Mixed media on paper, 16 x 20"