Wednesday, April 29, 2009

True Norwegian Black Metal (Varg Vikernes and Gaahl)

This is an Information Graphic Illustration, depicting the map of Norway as a gloomy horrific landscape, mapping of murders, church arson, and even the birth places of the leading figures of Black Metal within Norway, Varg Vikernes and Gaahl the former vocalist of the band Gorgoroth. Norway began the Black metal scene, which incorporates symbols and beliefs based off of paganism, satanism, Neo-Nazism, and anarchy of all kinds. At the bottom of this info-graph, I have developed a typographic time line of these two Metal-head's names. For more information about Gaahl, and Black Metal in Norway, take a look at the website.

True Norwegian Black Metal (Varg Vikernes and Gaahl)
Ink on paper, 22 x 30"


Flush the World Away (Pylon Design firm Published Illustration)

Here is the my very first published illustration. Pylon Design firm offered our class a chance to illustrate an image for a particular month for a calendar. Using a quote to illustrate for the month of May, "We have screwed up the air, we have screwed up the water, we have screwed up each other. Why don't we finish the job and flush our brains down the toilet", I was able to develop a new technique. The quote is a little bleak, but I believe I served it justice with my black and white style. You can view more images of the calendar at:
"Flush the World Away"
Mixed media on Paper

Saving Grace

This piece is based off of a quote used from Pylon Design firm, 2009 calendar. "We would rather be ruined by praise, than saved by criticism". This image was not used on their calendar, however I still liked this concept.
"Saving Grace"
Mixed media on Paper, 22 x 30"