Thursday, July 16, 2009

bare: A Rock Opera Advertisments

Soon after graduating, I received a great opportunity to design and Illustrate for a musical theatre production of 'bare'. The story is of two young Catholic school boys who fall in love with each other. While the one boy, Peter, becomes increasingly aware of his love and sexuality, fights for his right to love the jock'ish and very masculine, Jason, and ultimately their love (like any classic love story) falls in the hands of tragedy.

It was my job to design the posters and mailers of the show, which the cast and myself pasted across Toronto's city streets and walls. I designed two different posters and mailers to acquiesce the public's approval of homosexuality and over all conservitism. Obviously the one poster is a bit more amorous than the other to which was amaimed to attracted a more specific audience.

This is an amazing show everyone. The cast is over whelmingly tallented. The show runs from July 17th - August 1st. You can by tickets at the following link: , or visit the website for more information: .

'bare' posters 1 and 2
Digital, 11 x 17"

'bare' mailers front and back
Digital, 4 x 6"

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Cassie said...

My friends and I have been wondering about who made that amazing poster for the bare production in Toronto, and now we've found you. Your work is beautiful. The poster is unbelievably bold and breathtaking. I hope to see more of your work :)